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We are raising the bar.

There is no denying that our legal system is broken and is designed to set people up to fail. Not only does our legal system disproportionately hurt people of color, but it stigmatizes and marginalizes anyone who passes through it. Prosecutors want to convict you, even if you're innocent, and most defense & immigration lawyers just want a quick payday without putting in the work. After years of watching people fall through the cracks of a broken system due to poor policies and lazy lawyering—and above all, the toll that the status quo has taken on our most vulnerable and marginalized communities—we decided that enough is enough. We started Gad & Gad Law Offices to raise the bar and establish a new status quo— a legal system that treats clients like actual people instead of like case numbers; that requires lawyers to actually do their jobs; and above all else, where the rights and needs of clients come first—no exceptions.

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About the Firm

Gad & Gad Law Offices is based in the Minneapolis, Minnesota area. Our firm specializes in criminal defense, civil rights, and immigration law. The firm is led by attorneys Susanne Gad and Sarah Gad, who have have compiled an extraordinary track record of victories in state, district and immigration courts around the country. Our law firm takes on challenging case that profoundly affect the lives of people from all walks of life. Though we are unable to take every case that comes our way, we are fiercely committed to the liberty of our clients and winning every case we do take on.

I. Our Comprehensive Strategy

One of the defining features of our practice is our comprehensive approach to every case we take. Unlike most law firms, we do not take shortcuts, use recycled templates, or rush to dispose of cases through flimsy plea agreements and settlements. As your attorneys, we will approach your case with a fresh set of eyes and leave no stone unturned. We will thoroughly inspect every document, examine every piece of evidence, and explore every avenue to come up the best possible outcome for your case. Loyal, zealous advocacy is what we would expect for an attorney for our loved ones, and it is what you and your loved ones can expect from us. 

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Our Winning Approach 
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II. Our Dedication to Clients and Their Families

Another defining feature of our practice is our wholehearted commitment to our clients and their families. Unlike most firms, we don't treat our clients like case files or numbers—we treat them like humans. Whether your rights are at stake or you are seeking refuge in the United States, we know that the outcome your legal matter will have a ripple effect that will affect the lives of everyone around you. As your attorneys, will be your absolute confidants and strongest allies throughout the duration of your legal matter. Beyond that, we will use every resource available to us to mitigate any collateral harms imposed by our legal system so that you can still lead a productive, meaningful life. 

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Attorneys Sarah and Susanne Gad have earned a national reputation as tireless, fearless advocates for justice. They will stop at nothing when it comes to defending and vindicating the rights of their clients. 

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