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Attorney Sarah Gad is nationally ranked as a "Top Ten Under 40" Criminal Defense Lawyer by the National Academy of Criminal Defense Attorneys (NACDA)

Founding partner Sarah Gad has the highest case dismissal rate among all criminal defense attorneys in Minnesota. Her impressive track record has earned her recognition as one of the nation's leading criminal defense lawyers.  Learn more.


  • Misdemeanors

  • Gross misdemeanors

  • Felonies

  • Criminal appeals

  • Police brutality & misconduct

  • Unlawful searches & seizures

  • Wrongful convictions

  • Inmate abuse & neglect

  • Asylum

  • Challenging in Absentia removal orders

  • Employment-based immigration

  • Appealing motions that were lost by other immigration lawyers (free service)

We are fiercely committed to fighting and winning every case we take on.

Gad & Gad Law Offices is based in the Minneapolis, Minnesota area. We specialize in criminal defense, civil rights violations, and immigration law. The firm is led by attorney Sarah Gad, who has earned a national reputation as a fighter for justice — justice for people whose rights have been threatened and/or violated, and justice for victims of government misconduct. As a testament to her solid track record, Attorney Sarah Gad was nationally ranked as a "Top Ten Under 40 Defense Attorney" by the National Academy of Criminal Defense Lawyers. Sarah is joined by her sister Susanne Gad—a former United Nations attorney with over a decade of immigration law and human rights experience. After years of independent practice, the Gad sisters have united to build a practice founded on their core belief that every person is entitled to the best possible legal representation, regardless of their financial situation.

It's more than just a case. It's your life. 

A defining feature of our practice is our commitment to our clients and their loved ones. Unlike other firms, we treat our clients like humans—not like case numbers or files. We do not take legal shortcuts, use recycled templates, or bargain away the rights of our clients for a quick payday. We work tirelessly for each and every client because we know just what's at stake if we don' t. As your attorneys, we will be in your corner fiercely defending your rights, comprehensively strategizing and planning behind the scenes, and advising you at every step of the legal process. Quite frankly,  it's exactly what you need and deserve when your basic rights are on the line.


How can we help?

There are many ways to get in touch. However you reach out, we'll get back to you the same day—yes, weekends, too. Because your liberty can't be postponed until Monday.


If you call, please leave a voicemail with your name and a good call-back number.

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916 Emerson Avenue N.

Minneapolis, MN 55411

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916 N. Emerson Ave.
Suite D
Minneapolis, MN 55411


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